Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option

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I know better than anyone how stressful debt can be.

It took me many years to pay off my college and law school debt while raising three kids. Sometimes life throws a curve ball our way and unexpected things happen such as sickness, death, layoffs and job terminations that prevent us from being able to pay our debts. In these unfortunate situations a chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a life saver.

And, contrary to what most people believe, in most circumstances you can keep your home, vehicles, and all your person property when you file a chapter 7. If you are going through a financial crisis where you feel like you have no hope, let me take a look at your situation and see if you qualify for help through a chapter 7. Bankruptcies and social security work have been by far the most rewarding areas of my practice, because these are the areas where I can really make a lifelong and tremendously beneficial impact in the lives of those hurting.

Please call me if you are experiencing problems paying your debts.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy can be the best way to get relief and take back control of your life.

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