You can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and keep your property.

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I have had several clients in the past few months tell me they thought, and in fact were told by another attorney or good friend, they could not file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and keep possession of their property.   They simply thought that filing a chapter 7 meant you lose everything.  This is far from the truth.  In fact, under most circumstances you can keep your home, car, and all other property.   It simply depends upon how much equity is in your real property, how old you are, whether your children reside with you, and how you own the property.  There are too many scenarios to go over in a blog and everyone’s case is different.  The best way I can help you is to have a face to face meeting and go over your situation in detail.  Don’t let another attorney, or your good friend that never went to law school, give you bad advice.  In most cases you can file a chapter 7 and get full relief and discharge of all your debts and continue to own and possess your property.   Call me anytime for a free meeting to see what I can do for you.

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