Hire an attorney before you file for social security

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After years of social security practice, I am more convinced now than ever that you should hire an attorney before you apply for social security benefits.  Yes, it is true that you could save money and avoid the attorney fee if you win on your application alone.  However, the safest thing to do is hire me, or another reputable attorney from the beginning.   There are many reasons to hire me before you file your application, but one of the biggest is that I and my staff know better how to answer the social security application questions.  Your responses must be truthful.  I would never advocate a claimant not tell the truth.  But, there are often many ways to phrase an answer and small differences in the responses could be the difference between winning and losing.  Your application responses should be similar to what your testimony will be at the hearing.  If I don’t represent you until the hearing stage, I can’t help you keep your testimony consistent and in line with your theory of medical disability.   Also, if your hire me before you apply I can submit needed medical evidence with your application.  I have won many cases without a hearing by getting the winning medical evidence into the social security system early.   Developing the medical evidence is by far the most important thing in winning the case.  While the social security office will probably send you to one of its doctors for an evaluation, the best medical evidence for you is usually your treating physician’s opinion and records.   Treating physician’s opinions carry more weight with the security judge than a physician who only examines you one time.  We have connections with several doctors in this area that can help us get the right medical evidence in the file.   Don’t wait until you are turned down.  Come see me when you start thinking about social security and I can help you develop your case early.

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