Medical malpractice law cases

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Medical malpractice is a very complicated and difficult area of the law. The key to winning these cases, like in many other types of cases, is obtaining expert testimony that your doctor’s negligence fell below the applicable standard of care and that the doctor’s negligence caused your injury. In fact, Tennessee and Mississippi law require that you obtain expert proof of your doctor’s medical negligence before you file your case.

I have worked hard at developing a network of doctors to provide expert opinions and testimony in these types of cases. Not every mistake a doctor makes will be deemed medical negligence. The key question is whether the doctor’s mistake fell below the applicable standard of care. If you have experienced an issue you think may be medical negligence, give me a call and make an appointment.

I can usually contact one of my medical sources and get an answer very quickly on whether the doctor’s mistake is below the applicable standard of care. This will save you a lot of time and grief waiting and not knowing whether to file your case or not. I look forward to meeting you.

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