Personal injury and car wrecks

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I have been handling personal injury and car wreck cases since my first day on the job as an attorney. Some 20 plus years ago I began my legal career with an insurance defense law firm in Birmingham, Alabama. My mentor in those early days, Thomas S. Hale, now Senior Partner with Hale and Sides in Birmingham, Alabama, showed me how to handle these cases from an insurance defense perspective. Since then I have represented various insurance companies in this type of litigation.

I also have many year’s experience from the plaintiff’s perspective. In fact, I recently resolved a case on behalf of my client wherein the insurance company paid its policy limits of $325,000.00. I have also presided as judge on many such cases over the last 10 years. I can’t imagine a better advocate for a personal injury or car wreck case than someone who has been the judge, plaintiff’s attorney, and defendant’s attorney. I have seen these cases from every possible angle.

One word about these cases; you have probably seen many T.V. ads with attorneys all over the South and nation wanting you to call them. The T.V. attorneys are usually the subject of jokes among reputable lawyers and judges. I have never seen a T.V. attorney in my court room. The reason I haven’t is that they settle their cases for far below what they are worth.

Don’t make that mistake and hire one of the T.V. clowns to represent you. The best advice is to hire a local attorney you trust and know. And, one more piece of advice, don’t think for a minute that the insurance adjuster is on your side. The insurance adjuster is wanting one thing; to settle the case for as little as possible.

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