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You can improve your chances of winning your social security case by allowing me to assist you from the beginning of your case at the application stage. The old and traditional approach by many lawyers has been to say “go file your application and when you get denied come see me.” This is fine if you don’t care about improving your chances of winning and winning sooner in the process.

There are many advantages when you hire me from the beginning to assist you in the application process: 1) you don’t waste a lot of time waiting at the social security office to file your application. We do it in my office at your convenience with my assistance; 2) I know better than you how to answer the application questions, and therefore, your chances of winning at the application process are increased; and 3) I can begin immediately to supplement your social security record with necessary medical information that will improve your chances.

Social Security cases often come down to medical proof. Some attorneys simply rely upon the social security office to obtain the relevant medical evidence. This is a lazy approach to take by the attorney. And more importantly it’s very often a losing strategy. The better approach is to discuss what medical proof you need from the beginning and begin making efforts to get the winning medical proof into the social security record. I have developed a network of good and reputable doctors that work with me to help develop the medical record that you need to win your case. Your social security benefits are too important to just hope that the social security office gets medical evidence in your favor.

Let me take a proactive approach with your case. I will obtain the necessary medical records that could prove to be the winning difference in your social security case. I look forward to meeting you and helping you win your case.

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